Tuesday, December 31, 2013

H1N1 and New Year’s Resolutions

It’s New Year’s Eve 2013 and I am currently eating a very large piece of this year’s fruitcake, nursing a cup of tea, and trying to breathe through any orifice that will allow for that kind of activity: not my nose.  

The house has become a symphony of coughing. We had to take my mother-in-law into the ER last night, and my husband and I spent six hours at the urgent care this morning. The official diagnosis is H1N1. Hey ho, it is not like I am missing out on any big New Year’s Eve plans, because I rarely make any. It’s just not my thing.  

I’ve made many New Year’s Resolutions in my life, some have stuck, and many more have not survived the month. The thing is; I don’t believe there is anything magical about January the First. I will not, for example, suddenly stop craving baked goods at 3:00am, nor am I likely to wake at dawn itching to go for a run. I do NOT run. Still, the beginning of a new year is as good a place as any to start working towards new goals. I have several on going health objectives, they are: eat great food, enjoy drinks in moderation, and be more active. Of course, by “great food” I mean real, unprocessed food, cooked with care. This year I am making one resolution: write something, every day, and post it!  

I have been neglecting this blog for over three years now, but I have not stopped trying to further my own culinary education, and making the best meals I can for my friends and family. What you can expect to find here are recipes; my thoughts on cooking, food and spirits; a record of my adventures; a note on what I ate last night; and the occasional rant, or two.

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