Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow and Tukey Pie

I’ve had a very bad start to the year. Yesterday, January 1st, was spent (mostly) in bed. I did manage to make what I call “Turkey Herder’s Pie” using some leftover Turkey I had from a couple days ago - more on that later – onion, carrots, and a handful of other veggies I had in the crisper that needed using up. It is a casserole made exactly in the style of Shepherds Pie. If you’re so inclined, or have them around, mix sweet and starchy potatoes together for the top layer, add lashings of butter, salt and pepper. It wasn’t my best version of this dish, but being as I’m still sick and can barely tasted a thing, I’ll call it a victory. I did not manage to snap a picture of our dinner, nor did I write so much as my own name.  

This morning we’re having “Lake Effect Snow,” which for those unfamiliar with the concept basically means, whatever the Weather Channel says will fall, double it, and that’s what you’ll find on your driveway in the morning. I have already completed one round of shoveling, and will be back out there in three or four hours for another. Snow removal is one place in life where I’m definitely anti-machine. My father-in-law owns a beast of a snow blower, big enough that it does not fit through a standard 36” door way, and must be moved in and out via the garage door. Even for a man of my size -5’10” and 250lb - it is a monumental wrestling match to keep this thing under control. For all of its size and power, it doesn’t do a very good job on paved surfaces, and if I’m being completely honest, I just don’t like it.  

As for my moratorium on processed food, there are a number of open bags of potato chips in the house, leftovers from what little New Year’s Eve revelry could be had.  I may or may not have eaten several fistfuls of them while I was waiting for my bagel to toast. Note to self: shoveling snow on an empty stomach does not leave your resolve in good form.

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