Monday, January 20, 2014

Freeze Your Bread!

It’s laundry day. It also happens to be Monday, and I also happen to have just burnt my tongue with an extra-hot cup of tea. I thought I was being terribly clever by brewing it directly into a travel mug, thus avoiding extra trips up and down the stairs to reheat my cuppa. Alas my plan has worked too well.  

More toasted raisin bread for breakfast. The family has eaten one whole loaf of it already, though I can’t say I’m truly surprised. The second loaf is in the freezer because; bread, even the store bought stuff, which has been frozen and thawed, is infinitely better than bread that has been sitting at room temperature for a number of days. I have no scientific or homespun evidence to back this up other than this is what my mother did, and it is what I do. It is true I am feeding the four of us now, instead of just the two, but this isn’t France. There isn’t a Boulangerie on the corner that I can run to once or twice a day to get my bread, and I am not about to turn my kitchen into a factory or myself into a full time baker and scullery man. The freezer is the best tool to providing your family with high quality breads: bake or buy a larger number of them when you have time, and store them until needed. A whole loaf takes minutes to thaw, and individual slices take seconds. You can even toast frozen sliced bread directly without thawing. Anyway, I know I’m right, so that’s what I do.  

Soup for dinner tonight: I will finally get around to making the Broccoli Soup I was intending to make on Saturday. Being a meatless day – at least for me – I’m also going to make egg salad for lunch. I also need to make, or remake, my meal plan for the remainder of the week. I may not always get to everything I want to, but it always helps me to have a plan. I’ll write more about this later. 

Meanwhile, I have a Zucchini Bread recipe the needs one more read through before I post it, and many more recipes to write, photos to edit, and meals to cook. 

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