Sunday, January 5, 2014

Let it Snow, let is snow, let is snow...

This blog could be about snow for as much as I’ve mentioned it, and I am in danger of losing my winter spirit. Last night, when I was meant to be writing, I sat quietly at Starbucks watching the white stuff fall. It was as close to Zen as I get.

Today, however, it will have more of a blizzard affect and is predicted to fall at a rate of one inch per hour. I’ve been to the supermarket and have stuffed the crisper drawers with veggies in anticipation of three or four days stuck indoors. Tonight it is the simple comfort of Spaghetti and “Sauce” which is to say, a doctored marinara with meat. I can make this in my sleep, and given that I’ve only had a two hour cat-nap, I likely will.

Meanwhile it’s a bowl of cereal, and with any luck, back to bed.

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