Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why Metric?

The majority of the recipes I publish on this site will be tested and written using weight over volume measurements. I am not unsympathetic to those who prefer to use volume measurements, it is, after-all what our grandmothers used and has the appeal of the familiar. Wherever possible I will provide approximate volume measurements but I cannot promise accurate results. It is true I live in the United States where the Imperial system is dominant, but I was also raised with the metric system, and frankly, have never warmed to a world full of fractions. I use weights for accuracy, and metric because it is easy for me to scale: no apologies.  

I publish my recipes online, and they are accessible world wide. The metric system leaves very little room for guess work no matter what country you reside in. I would encourage anyone interested in baking or cooking to purchase a digital scale that can function in both imperial and metric. You can find a decent quality –accurate enough for home use – scale for less than $20.00.  

It’s likely that your great grandmother used a scale or baked by eye prior to having volume measurements in the form of cups and teaspoons foist upon her by the likes of Fanny Farmer (Boston Cooking-School Cook Book) in 1896. She would, however, have bought all of her foods stuffs by number and weight. 

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