Tuesday, February 4, 2014

a bunch of lint

Starting Tuesday on five hours sleep isn't my idea of how today should go. In the first fifteen minutes, however, I washed out the tea pot, started a load of laundry, and am now tapping my fingers waiting for the tea to steep. 

Yesterday, after another night of ‘will my phone charge or won’t it,’ I woke to a sad little red battery symbol telling me it was almost out of juice, even though it had been on the charger all night. I did manage to get it to charge, and thankfully I had the time to wait for it. So, I decided after some deliberating, (I talked to my mother on the phone) to screw my courage to the sticking place (I had a very large latte) and marched myself into the Apple store fairly confident that there was nothing that could be done to save my phone. Worst case scenario, I told myself, was that I could shop for a new phone, and be fully up on the features of the newer models, and then discuss our options with my husband.  

As soon as I came in the door I was whisked to some Mac “Genius.” No comment on the guys intelligence but I know people who are actually geniuses and I’ve always though that naming your techs “genius” is cheap, if not completely obnoxious. The genius then takes down some of my information and hands me off to a tech, who asks me what the problem is, and then hands me off to another tech. I’d met three people before I finally managed to tell one of them why I was there.  Then the guy took my phone to the back room to see what they could do. A few minutes later another tech came out and informed me, that “there was a bunch of lint in there, like, I mean a lot,” and they were going to try to clean it out and see if they could get it to charge. Being a natural cynic, I wasn’t at all convinced that cleaning it would work, that’s just not how my life works. But, since they hadn’t tried to charge me for anything - so far - I though, what the hell!  

After a few more minutes of waiting, my hope kept in check, yet another person came out with my phone. They had cleaned the contacts and it was working just fine. I am not sure what the expression on my face was, but I must have looked terribly incredulous, because the guy then proceeded to plug it in and prove to me that it would charge. He did recommend that I upgrade my iPhone, with a bit of an unspoken, I can’t believe that thing is still working attitude, and I probably will do so at some point in the future. I was so elated to have a working phone back, which in essence was like having the ability to choose when I wanted to buy a new phone returned to me, that I almost felt teary: almost. The guy then asked me to sign off on the tablet, in case I had to come in for a similar issue, and sent me on my way free of charge. I though hugging him would be over zealous. 

So, I guess it goes to show you, sometimes when you think you’re dealing with a tragedy, it turns out to be nothing but a bunch of lint.   


Last night's dinner was, drum roll please, Chinese take out! After a two and half hour drive home I was in no condition to cook or speak English. I thought I had developed tourette’s but it turns out, people are just assholes when they get behind the wheel. I ordered "Bean Curd Homestyle," which was tofu, broccoli, water chestnuts, carrots, snow peas, and mini corn, in a soy based sauce.
Roasted Tomato and Tuna Melt for lunch, and I think we’ll be having our leftovers for dinner so that I can get the remainder of my laundry done, and also get myself back to the gym before the snow flies on Wednesday. Sometimes you have to suck it up, and order in, even though I feel like I should be apologizing for not cooking. I did stick to my meatless Monday plan, the reastaurant nearest our house uses no MSG, and as take out goes, Chinese is every healthy. I probably should take it as a win.

Yesterday’s weigh-in was 260 lb. It isn’t about the number, but the number is an easy way to keep track.  

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