Thursday, February 20, 2014

drinking tea in my sleep

Sure, I can function on six hours of sleep. Just don’t ask me to drive, or do simple math problems, or count my fingers and toes! This is what I get for going to bed a half-hour earlier than normal? Waking early doesn’t need to mean anything, of course, but it could be a sign that I wasn’t physically active enough yesterday. It could also be a sign that the universe hates me. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the massive quantities of caffeine I consumed yesterday…

I still haven’t quite got the hang of these long days, but I need to get a handle on it quickly. We ate out for lunch, again, I had a veggie sub at Jimmy John’s: healthy, sure, but I not as good as I could have made at home. For dinner, it was beans on toast. So, I’ve spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 on meals prepared by someone else, which leaves me with only $60 to feed us for the next week. This is not impossible, but things could get interesting before next payday.

After reviewing my grocery bills for the past month or so, I’ve discovered I’m not really saving anything by shopping at the big box grocery store. It may be because my bill is predominately fresh produce, but I do better, if not by item than by the total, when I hand pick my foods at a smaller store where I can buy only what I need. With some exclusions, however, I even do better per item.

Tonight I’m making a Farro “Rissotto” with mixed mushrooms. [Shitake, Oyster, Cremini] I’d call it wild mushrooms but let’s not get too affected here; the only foraging I’ll be doing is through the bin at the grocery store. And for lunch it’s…a healthy serving of “I don’t know.” I guess I had better step away from the computer screen and go figure that out.

Yogurt with fruit and granola for breakfast, and of course, tea.

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