Friday, February 14, 2014

valentine's day report

Why is it that, Monday through Thursday the alarm goes off two or three times before I finally sit up, and grumble-stumble through the darkness towards the bathroom, but come Friday morning my eyes pop open at 7:30 without effort? At this stage in my life, this is less a complaint that I’m unable to sleep in on the weekend, so much as, I wish I could wake feeling rested and ready to start the day on the days that I actually have somewhere I have to be.

Today is Valentine’s Day, and also pay day. I’ve long since gotten over any desire I have to do something romantic today. I am mostly grateful not to be working in a flower shop. In recent years I have made a romantic meal for two, but somehow a romantic dinner for four – including your in-laws – doesn't have the same desired affect. Furthermore, I’ve never had a Valentine’s Day meal in a restaurant that wasn’t both expensive and a wholesale disappointment. We are, however, heading to Starbucks who are offering a buy one, get one, offer on espresso drinks between 2:00 and 5:00pm today.

Meanwhile, meal planning continues. I probably could make my meal plan less complicated, but when a whole portion of those meals need to be consumed away from home, and another after a long day away from home, and you’re sticking to a Flexiterian lifestyle with a low tolerance for eating in restaurants, things very quickly get complicated. Most importantly, I like knowing what I’m having for dinner each day, it takes the stress out of deciding when I am already tired and hungry, to know that all I have to do is get myself home and execute the plan.

As an abrupt change of subject, it would be really nice if I didn’t have to fight the cat for space in my arm chair. When he was a kitten, I made the mistake of letting him sleep on the armrest while I was using my laptop. Today, my little boy is 21lbs and still insists on sleeping on the armrest while I try to type. Eventually it’s a shoving match, me elbowing him because I can no longer type and him pressing his full weight against my arm because updating my blog is not a priority so long as he wants petting.

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