Wednesday, February 26, 2014

sipping bourbon in a recliner

Does midnight count as Tuesday if I’m still awake? I’m sitting in the recliner with my laptop on my lap and contemplating the past couple of days with a glass of bourbon and ginger ale.

My weigh in on Monday was 253lbs. Two more pounds down from my starting weight. Yesterday my husband mentioned to me that since we’ve been eating mostly vegetarian – minimum 4 days per week – he hasn’t had to use any antacid tablets. This is a victory. Today, however I had my first bonafide craving, it was, not surprisingly Fish N’ Chips. So, come payday on Friday, that’s what I’m having.

The Marrakesh Stew was another success with a couple possible tweaks to improve on an already delicious dish, adding more diced tomatoes for instance, and also a little bit more of all of the spices to match our tastes. I am glad it was a hit, because it is also going to be tomorrow night’s supper.

Lunch today was egg salad. I chose sleep over something more elaborate, and tonight’s dinner was Penne and Asparagus in a Garlic and Meyer Lemon Cream Sauce. Hubby thought it would be truly satisfying with a bit of chicken, which I have no objections to per say, but I was perfectly happy without. Best of all, it was dead easy to make and ready in about the same time as it took to boil the noodles.

Finally, lunch tomorrow is going to be canned tuna with tomatoes and salad in pita. Who knows I may beat the fish and chips craving in the bud.

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