Wednesday, February 5, 2014

it is stumped day

Apparently, Wednesday is stumped day…

We received more snow overnight and snow will be an ongoing problem throughout the day. I have to keep the driveway and sidewalks clear, but also I have an hour’s drive ahead of me to get my hubby to work. Thankfully, we’ll be swimming upstream, as it were, against the flow of traffic trying to get home from their 9 to 5 gigs. 

There is some pre-soaked steal cut oatmeal on the stove waiting for me to cook it for my breakfast. Tarka dal seems like a good idea for lunch. I was planning to make a frittata, but somehow a stew of warm spiced yellow split peas sounds more bolstering, which will most certainly be required today. All of the ingredients for the salad I was planning for Monday night’s dinner are now waiting on me in the refrigerator, and that’s dinner taken care of.  

But first, I shovel.

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